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I have had this topic on the back burner for years, and you’ll shortly see why.

We have all had some exposure to different kinds of tests purported to determine our personality, character traits, and even our intelligence. This topic falls in that arena.

Have you ever wondered what is revealed about you by what way you load a fresh toilet paper roll – over or under? I am here to claim this common act is very revelatory.

For some, just to have a person taking responsibility to change the roll when needed would be amazing – right?!

So, what could possibly be ascertained about a person by whether they load tp over or under? Are there characteristics we can nail down about those in these two groups? Can we be so bold as to categorize folks into one camp or the other in a definitive way that we can count on for reading personality?

My observation has been that the “over” people share some very telling characteristics. They want ease of delivery, for one thing – no fumbling to find the end of the roll. These beings are in a hurry. They also like to have menial tasks be more automatic – requiring little thought.

This is not to suggest these folks are not thinkers – au contraire. These individuals spend much time deliberating over the various issues of life – so much more the reason for requiring expediency on the more mundane necessities of life.

I am sad to say, however, that the overs are so highly opinionated and self-righteous about their tp issues that they have admitted to changing rolls in random bathrooms to make them compliant. One of the reasons I felt the need to get this article written, in fact, is that during a conversation about this specific activity while at my hairdresser, Naomi’s shop, there were a few confessions in that very establishment to having done just this in other’s homes. So I guess there’s a bit of the OCD as well.

Those of the over persuasion not only know how their life is to look, but they pretty much think it is the right path – perhaps even the only correct way. So watch for them to attempt to change your practices as well. This may go way beyond the bathroom.

Before our “overs” get painted with a bossy brush, I have observed that this group is actually open to the ideas of others as they themselves are very creative thinkers. Why else would they even care how the tp rolls? I know it seems contradictory, but there it is. In fact, they are usually quite innovative in their own lives and might have a million ways to help you be more successful as well.

Lest the “unders” get discouraged, let us see if we can better understand their stance on the subject of direction of tp rolls. I am tempted to just reverse everything said about the overs, but I suspect that is not fair – nor correct.

In fact, there is one major trait that both groups seem to have in common; they usually want all tp rolls rolling their way. There are some unders who will switch your bathroom rolls as well. I will say, however, that this bunch seems to be a little less aggressive about their perspective on the subject. In fact, some have been known to ignore the flow of tp altogether. There are those who might ascribe this seemingly laissez-faire attitude to passivity – lack of passion. There does seem to be some anecdotal evidence that the unders are less likely to mess with your choice of path in life as well.

The unders do not seem to be in such a hurry. How can they be if they have to fish for the toilet paper end? I suspect they are not even flustered by the time lost. Okay, I have given it away. I confess I am an over.

Could such a single, simple, even daily act be a true indicator of personality, character traits and even intelligence? It would be such an easy test, but, then, one would have to be in a very private space to observe such behavior.

Hmmmm. Seems best to just ponder this one as do the overs, or ignore it altogether as the unders are want to do. How say you – over or under?


– Shari


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