Leave Taking

Sitting at my same spot, eating my solitary breakfast, looking out my dining room window…did I miss the changing of the leaves on my crepe myrtles?  Where was full-blown summer with blinds closed [...]

“Peoples is Peoples”

That old line from a Muppet movie visits and revisits my mind. How much are we similar to those of other cultures, other countries? Does it matter that we look for what we have in common? Perhaps [...]

View from Behind

My husband does not walk, he strides. I have a hard time keeping up with him if he gets a head start. We look pretty silly sometimes, walking at the same pace, about eight feet between us. When [...]

Walking in the Light

How does one know if she is under a cloud? Indeed, how does one know when and how the cloud appeared? Then, once there is suspicion the cloud exists, what can be done about it? These are all [...]

Free to Choose

“The problem is that God gave us Free Will.” This came from a sad, decaying mouth of an active heroin addict. It was one of those candid moments when we were just honest, plain and simple. Daniel [...]

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

To know what is right and not do it has to be the most exasperating thing about human behavior. I am including you, Dear Reader, as I am beginning to believe it is a universal flaw. I sure hope [...]

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