Fairest of Them All

(I originally wrote this piece on October 8, 2015 – but I never published it until now …) Five years ago my mirror shattered. Anyone who has ever been truly loved—or who has deeply [...]

Just One Day of Chemo …

I have a good imagination, but I never could have imagined this day. My “little” sister Anita is sitting in a chemo infusion lab getting the 9th treatment of a prescribed 16. I had never heard of [...]

Micah Loves His Bubbie…

I waited rather impatiently for a year and a half for baby Micah to say Bubbie—Yiddish for grandma. When it came, it was tentative. Now in just a few short weeks it is a plaintive, but delighted [...]

2014 in Review

Moving into the new year with no resolutions. Well, that’s not technically true. Just there are no new ones. It is frustrating to close out a year and not feel I have completed all I had [...]

Once again

You were there in my sorrow When my world dissolved around me You held my hand with each crisis I endured With that quick smile of comfort And that gentle knowing in your eyes I felt hope [...]

I Remember Mary Lou

I don’t remember for sure how we met. I guess it was in class in junior high, because we wouldn’t have met in the neighborhood. Maybe we met walking home from school since we did live about four [...]

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