Leave Taking

Sitting at my same spot, eating my solitary breakfast, looking out my dining room window…did I miss the changing of the leaves on my crepe myrtles?  Where was full-blown summer with blinds closed [...]

Once again

You were there in my sorrow When my world dissolved around me You held my hand with each crisis I endured With that quick smile of comfort And that gentle knowing in your eyes I felt hope [...]

Do the Bump

We watch ourselves in airports. Everyone is carrying or hauling bags. I find myself saying “excuse me,” “sorry,” incessantly. Rarely does anyone get angry. It’s what is expected. We excuse the [...]

Dragons Be Gone

He had known his job description long before he was two years old. His big sister Susan had taught him well. Before Barry was three he was a veteran dragon-slayer and reviver of languishing [...]

“Peoples is Peoples”

That old line from a Muppet movie visits and revisits my mind. How much are we similar to those of other cultures, other countries? Does it matter that we look for what we have in common? Perhaps [...]

The lotion paid off

What we always do is what leads to lasting results. As Aristotle said: “Success, then, is not an act, but a habit.” We know that starting good habits early and maintaining them is the key to a [...]