Trail of a Heart 18 – Love, Marriage…Baby Carriage

 In Autobiography

One of the appeals of Bob was that he had direction in his life, not like the high school boys I was around. Bob was very ambitious and was eager to get on with making his life a success. He believed in my potential and had a strong work ethic. He encouraged me to use my business skills and serve as an apprentice to an attorney’s secretary for free in order to prepare myself to become a legal secretary. I did just that my junior year in high school during all of which Bob and I dated.

By Thanksgiving of that year, we had decided to get married the coming June.  We both had thought that I would be able to take one class in night school, which would give me the semester in English I needed to graduate a year early. As it happened, I was not allowed to take more classes for credit that semester.

Bob was pretty upset, but no more so than I. He let me know that he had to get on with his life and he couldn’t be waiting around for a high school girl to be ready. I can’t believe my parents actually consented to let me quit school, but they did and I was married on June 4, 1961, being just barely 17 years old without a high school diploma.

I am still amazed that an attorney would hire someone who had not finished school, but a new attorney in town hired me to be his legal secretary based on my apprenticeship experience and skills. That attorney couldn’t get his practice going and was only there a couple of months. I then had experience as a legal secretary so felt the courage, with the urging of Bob, to apply for another job with an attorney.

I still remember feeling that I was being sneaky in not letting the attorney know that by then I was pregnant and wouldn’t be able to stay on very long. I think Bob and I rationalized it that we were planning to move to Colorado to make our fortune before I would have had to quit due to pregnancy.  I continued in that job until Bob and I moved to Denver, Colorado the winter of 1961. It was this legal secretary experience that won me the job that provided the financing for my undergraduate degree.

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