Trail of a Heart 16 – Learning about “Love”

 In Autobiography

I found out at a school reunion years later that I had been viewed as intriguing and even exotic, when what I actually felt was a lack of confidence and fear of rejection. About the closest thing I had to a romance was spending some time with a neighborhood boy just sitting in his yard or mine talking.

The most significant thing that happened in that relationship was that he taught me how to change a tire. He thought that women should know how to do two things for themselves: change a tire and change the oil. I lost interest in him, or vice versa, I don’t remember, but it was before getting the oil-changing lessons.

Things began to steam up the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. It all started on a visit to my Uncle Cecil’s family in Seagraves, Texas, where I met Kenneth. He was about my age. My cousin, Betty, and I hung out with him some since he was a friend of her older sister, Pat’s, husband.

Somehow it happened that Kenneth and I were left alone at Pat’s house. I thought that he must truly love me as it was hard to keep him at bay. On one of my visits he insisted he wanted to marry me and actually gave me an “engagement” ring. I took it, and kept it hidden from my parents, but flashed it to my friends in high school upon returning home after one of my Texas, ostensibly family, visits.

As we had more unsupervised time together, I began to realize that Kenneth’s motives for giving me the ring were not loving or pure. He thought the ring entitled him to take liberties before marriage. I actually was scared off by his aggressiveness, and had the good sense to return the ring. Thus ended that misadventure.

Watch for the next installment.

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