Trail of a Heart 13 – Mais Oui!

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My other fascination was with all things French. I yearned to study the language while I was in junior high. It was not offered until high school, so I stayed in the same family of languages and studied Spanish in 9th grade. I was so shocked when I finally got to take French my sophomore year to find that I just could not wrap my head around it.

I don’t remember the teacher’s name, but she was so encouraging. She wisely advised me to just keep up with all the work and homework and that it would eventually fall into place. She was so right, but it didn’t happen until the second semester of the first year.

I went on to take French II, but opted to go back to Spanish during my college years, realizing that the college would have required that I take an advanced French course. Much as I love the language, I had no confidence I could move into that level.

I loved everything French, however, and spent many a fun time involved in the activities of our French club. For some reason, I kept finding myself getting embarrassed by my odd choices that revealed more than I thought I wanted to.

I still remember dressing up as a black cat for the Mardis Gras one year. I was wearing a black leotard with a tail I had created and, of course, a black mask. It was so revealing of my shapely figure. That may not seem odd now, but then it was tantamount to going to the event naked. I did feel very exposed.

Once again, I think my fantasy world got me in trouble. I just didn’t think about how I would feel about being so exposed. I felt like I just wanted to hide and get the night over with. I went home as early as I could without letting on how out of place I felt.

Watch for the next installment.

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