“Shift” is now ready for your Kindle!

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kindle with shift smallerMy first book “Shift” is now available on Kindle! This is an incredible moment for me as an author – to know that someone can “impulse buy” my book for their favorite electronic device!

The price is a VERY reasonable $2.99 and if you buy a print copy of my book (only $5.99 for soft cover) you can add the Kindle version for only 99 cents!

What a deal, right?! What are you waiting for! 😉

Interested in picking up some tiny tales to lighten your load? Click the link today!

Amazon Link for Kindle.

Amazon Link for Soft Cover, and Hard Cover.

My Bookstore Link for a first run edition, hand signed and shipped to you by me personally!

What a day!

– Shari

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