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Rainy day—rainy week! Couldn’t put off errands for better weather as the forecast continues to be gloomy, even though we do need the rain.

Settled into a back booth in a popular bakery with a bowl of hot soup. Several topics are whirling in my mind, vying for my attention. My focus, however, was yanked to a loud diatribe from a booth across the room. It was not a matter of eavesdropping as anyone in the building could hear. I tried to tune it out to get on with my teeming brain. The complaining voice would not be denied.

Two young ladies, probably millennium girls, occupied that table, seemingly on a lunch break from local retail shops. The louder one was intent on convincing her friend—and perhaps all of us—how disenchanted she is with her job. I might have still been able to shut out her whining had she not mentioned her place of employment.

I had just come from that store. It had seemed like a great place to me: organized, helpful staff, good prices. What this employee was describing sounded nothing like what I had just experienced there.

Granted that the inner workings of anything—whether it’s a business, other type of organization, or even a person—is  rarely discernible to the occasional visitor. But really, should it be? Even if the disgruntled’s perspective and perceived grievances are valid, should she spew them all around?

Frankly, the establishment in question is just a few doors down in the same strip mall as this bakery. There was no attempt at secrecy. Who could say that a fellow employee—or even her boss—might not have come in during her tirade. This coffee shop has lots of nooks and crannies providing visual privacy. There is no way to know who might have entered without this lady’s notice.

I don’t know what upset me more – her lack of discretion or her lack of gratitude. There are many who would love to have that job. As it happens it’s a business that provides resources and supplies to educators.

I hope it’s not an indication of an attitude of her generation. Entitlement. Annoyance with anyone putting expectations on her. Thinking she knows better than those in charge. If she can “rat out” her employer in such a public manner, she is either oblivious to common decency or perhaps she truly believes she is something she is not and has the right to broadcast her negativity.

Loyalty is a tough word these days. One cross word, one perceived slight and these young ones take flight. But they do not go quietly, but rather—as in this case—dragging the reputation of an establishment, of individuals, in her wake.


– Shari


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