Cuddling with Annie

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My dog Annie just wants to be glued to my body. She sleeps by my bed on her huge pillow. For a long time I had her on the side opposite from where I sleep. She seemed okay, but I noticed that when I am just resting on my bed, she lies on the floor beside me. I decided to move her bed to my side. Got a great tail wag for that one! So, I thought we had the bedroom “spot” covered.

When I am on my computer, however, which is also in my bedroom, she comes back to that side of the bed where there is now no pet pillow, and plunks down as close to me as possible. In fact when I am working at my desk, she likes to crawl under my desk curled around my feet, but I had to discourage that as she has managed to disconnect my computer on numerous occasions.

Her all-time-favorite place seems to be behind me when I am sitting in my office chair. I tend to sit a little forward. If she can see a crack of space, she climbs behind me and settles in. Oh, did I mention that Annie is a long Vizsla weighing 65 pounds. She can’t be comfy, and I assure you I am not, but I let her hang there, literally, for at least a bit as she seems to crave the closeness.

I have a fellow Vizsla owner I met some years ago on the greenback where we walk our dogs. Imagine my surprise when she shared that her dog also climbs behind her when she is at her desk. I think we have both decided that this breed tends toward insecurity.

My son’s family is living with me for a while. Their children yearn to have a dog that is just cuddly and cute and will follow them around, playing their games. Annie will sometimes comply, but not when I am in the vicinity. When I enter, she leaves wherever she is to come by me. It is very frustrating for my grandkids.

I have noticed that when Annie gets significant cuddle time with me, she is much more calm, and definitely less anxious. She seems to even be a better companion for the grands. It’s as if her little “cup” needs to be full for her to have enough love to give away.

And then it hit me. Oh, wow! I need to be more like Annie. She knows she is dependent on me and just does her very best to stick to me like glue. The picture this presented to me was of me and the Lord. I can get pretty far afield, in my independent self, toodling along without even a glance in His direction. Oh, I occasionally assail Him with a plea for help as I get myself into messes, but I don’t spend the “cuddle” time with Him anymore.

When I first came to believe in Him, I followed Him around like a puppy dog, watching for his every expression, hanging on His every Word. As I began to feel His assurance, and as I understood more of who He is and what He wants for me, I just kind of got further and further away from actual intimacy with Him. I know some of this distancing is normal as we “mature” in the Faith. It is much like a child growing into adulthood and leaving the nest.

But where I—we?—mess up is in forgetting that our very strength lies in our proximity to Him. He has given us whatever gifts we have, but He wants to empower us to make the most of using them. Sometimes I think we forget that we are still tethered to Him. I think I have stretched that connector to its limit in my endeavoring to be master of my life. The great philosophical debate would be whether that tether has elasticity or could snap, separating us from our Creator. Regardless, being distant from the One who loves us, created us, endowed us with His power is pretty foolish.

As I write this, my Annie just re-positioned herself so that she is closer to me. I wonder if she senses that I am writing about her. Once again, there are lessons God has strategically placed in nature for the benefit of mankind. There are lessons all around us. Today I found it in my faithful canine companion. It is not insecurity or weakness to long to be next to your love. We can push out as far as we want, as long as we don’t get disconnected from our very Source. I think I need a cuddle.

– Shari

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