Just One Thing

  In the movie City Slickers, the old trail boss Curly held up one finger to indicate what the secret to life was. By the end of the movie, Billy Crystal felt he understood. This week, I got [...]

Mom Science

I have been accused by my family of practicing medicine without a license, and in general offering homemade remedies, ideas, axioms that defy the laws of nature even though I relentlessly ascribe [...]

The lotion paid off

What we always do is what leads to lasting results. As Aristotle said: “Success, then, is not an act, but a habit.” We know that starting good habits early and maintaining them is the key to a [...]

Free to Choose

“The problem is that God gave us Free Will.” This came from a sad, decaying mouth of an active heroin addict. It was one of those candid moments when we were just honest, plain and simple. Daniel [...]

The Devil Deals Denial

Every year at New Year’s the mantra is ever the same. We must get serious about those things we value being in our lives such that we pursue them daily. Tomorrow begins today. Where lies the [...]

Who needs ambiguity?

If most of us would admit it, we are on a quest, albeit perhaps a subconscious one, to get everything, everyone we encounter into neat cubby holes in our minds. As much as many of us love to play [...]

Credit Card Meltdown

Where I came from, plastic is a dirty word. My parents didn’t much like carrying a mortgage or car payment, much less a credit card. My dad talked at the drop of a hat about how buying on credit [...]