The Telltale Tail

I have to admit that I have rarely been able to read other people. Dogs, that’s another matter entirely. Unlike we human beings, what’s in their hearts or brains shows up in their countenance, [...]

Roll It Your Way!

I have had this topic on the back burner for years, and you’ll shortly see why. We have all had some exposure to different kinds of tests purported to determine our personality, character traits, [...]


Rainy day—rainy week! Couldn’t put off errands for better weather as the forecast continues to be gloomy, even though we do need the rain.   Settled into a back booth in a popular bakery [...]

Toeing the Line

  How I do hate lines. Lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Danger lines. Lines drawn in the sand. I try to not cross these markers, but why do I find myself hanging out right at the line, [...]

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the sickest of us all? What a family. When others might be obsessing over their personal successes, flaunting wealth, bragging about their children’s achievements, most of the women in my [...]

Life is like Herding Cats

There’s all these things to keep track of, to move down the road. That can be as varied as life itself. The trick is to not drop any part, to not leave something or someone behind or allow [...]

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