Straining at gnats…

and swallowing camels. Gnats are so distracting. It is easy to become so annoyed at their biting that bigger issues walk right past us. I know a woman who struggles with a monthly decision to buy [...]

Mom Science

I have been accused by my family of practicing medicine without a license, and in general offering homemade remedies, ideas, axioms that defy the laws of nature even though I relentlessly ascribe [...]

Do the Bump

We watch ourselves in airports. Everyone is carrying or hauling bags. I find myself saying “excuse me,” “sorry,” incessantly. Rarely does anyone get angry. It’s what is expected. We excuse the [...]

The lotion paid off

What we always do is what leads to lasting results. As Aristotle said: “Success, then, is not an act, but a habit.” We know that starting good habits early and maintaining them is the key to a [...]

The Power of Love

“The old man was at the bar making love to his tonic and gin.” A haunting line from “Piano Man.” It struck a chord today. Here we are looking for the cure to alcoholism and other destructive [...]

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