The Telltale Tail

I have to admit that I have rarely been able to read other people. Dogs, that’s another matter entirely. Unlike we human beings, what’s in their hearts or brains shows up in their countenance, [...]

I Love My Hoo-Mans!

I am not happy until I can look at my person eyeball to eyeball. I am just tall enough to do this when she is sitting. You may wonder that I know my person is a she. We dogs know these things. [...]

A World Unleashed

Sure, your dog doesn’t have to use a leash. It’s just a rule for the masses. Besides, whoever made it up doesn’t understand that dogs need to run free. It always amazes me that we have altered [...]

Just One Thing

  In the movie City Slickers, the old trail boss Curly held up one finger to indicate what the secret to life was. By the end of the movie, Billy Crystal felt he understood. This week, I got [...]

2014 in Review

Moving into the new year with no resolutions. Well, that’s not technically true. Just there are no new ones. It is frustrating to close out a year and not feel I have completed all I had [...]