A “kernel” cannot be “of truth”

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There it was again…blazing across the screen. “We have it! We have the truth. Come to us, and you, too, will have THE TRUTH.”  …the truth, the whole truth, so help me…

When I contemplate a single rose petal – when I ”discover” its symmetry, its fragrance, its strength disguised in velvet – even when I realize the fullness of the complete blossom, what have I discovered? The word should be ”uncovered” for discovery intimates some kind of creative spark. Discoverers are people who claim to break new ground. But there is no new ground. We are still dealing with the same earth God created almost 6,000 years ago.

When I hear the deluders hawking their wares in print, blazoned on the screen, artistic in display, implanted in lyric and line, I marvel. It is not the depth of their finds, their ”discoveries” that inspires awe. I am confounded that people can be so confused as to believe the petal is not only the whole flower, but also the bush, the ground, the water, as well as the waterer.

Is it harmless? Is there any danger in assuming a slice is a microcosm defining the whole? Scientists know better.

We can get clues about the whole from the parts, but the part is still just that, a part. It is interesting to note that the slice or part may not even be a healthy sample. We may have pulled off a diseased, mutated petal to examine to determine the big picture.

Today the hawker was a person purporting to be a psychic. The diseased, broken off member once again masquerades as the vibrant reality. The psychic claims to be in touch with the sixth sense areas that are hidden from mere mortals. Whether they use tarot cards, meditation, mind control, psychic ”healers,” crystals, astral projection, astrology or even a Ouija board, they are hawking diseased facsimiles, that are counterfeits of the real Spiritual world.

Why are we open to such ”hogwash” as some have labeled such supposed apparitions? When a people, a society, a nation, a world deny not only their own Spirituality but that of their deity, their God, a vacuum is created that cries to be satisfied. To fill that void, we seem willing to accept anything that is presented as being spiritual.

Mankind was created and made unique by the Breath of God’s Spirit. We walk in human frame, but our being, our very essence is spiritual. It was God’s intention that His creation – man – would walk and talk with him. It was His intention to keep nothing from His beloved man, created in His own image. It was when man sought to elevate himself above His God that the spiritual ties between Creator and creation were blurred to mortal vision.

We continue in the delusion that to get in touch with our spiritual self we must dissect spirit and self. God created us multi-faceted, but whole. The problem came about when we stopped believing that every word from our Creator was life itself. That was when we had to become so preoccupied with sustaining, maintaining, improving, preserving life.

We toil to nurture our bodies, which were created to be the temple of God’s Spirit. We feed, and even overfeed the body. We stuff ourselves and then try to attach a spiritual self. Embedded deep within us is the hunger to be Spirit…and the hawkers know and respond with a feverish pitch for our very souls. Their offerings to us are in fact deformed bits fashioned to sound like God’s liberating and empowering truth.

God is Spirit. He is not some New Age, “far-out” being that we have created. It is He who did the creating. It is He who is true Spirit. It is He who would share with us all that He is. He is the Great I Am. He is the whole picture. It is we who seek out diseased spirits hoping to catch hold of some part of our lost Spirituality. We have no true spirituality apart from the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth Himself.

…the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help me, God!  Yes… 


– Shari

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