It’s in God’s Hands

I cringe every time I hear that expression. Don’t get me wrong. I am a devoted spiritual person and love God with all that I am. It has been my unfortunate experience, however, that those [...]

Riders of the High Way

Have you ever caught the view from the cab of a two-ton pickup? It is quite exhilarating to bump along the highways and the byways catching the glint of the tops of passing cars as they glide [...]

Credit Card Meltdown

Where I came from, plastic is a dirty word. My parents didn’t much like carrying a mortgage or car payment, much less a credit card. My dad talked at the drop of a hat about how buying on credit [...]

Slow Down and Live

Why do we not hear truth until it is too late? As I have alternately crawled, walked, and stumbled through the last half century, there has been good advice flashing past me. It usually sounded [...]